CAP 752 – Year 2021

As stated by the agreement between Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region and Informest, approved with a Council Resolution of 30/10/2020 and signed by the parties on 25 / 11/2020, Informest support Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region by the implementation in 2021 of the following actions : Technical support to


The companies located in the Alpine area often find obstacles to launching innovation processes that could be adequate, sustainable and that enhance the specificity of the environment in which they are established. Their location represents at the same time a wealth and a limit and requires approaches capable of

Cluster CCI

The Culture and Creativity Cluster of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region aims to create, qualify and grow the culture and creativity of Friuli Venezia Giulia through innovation and knowledge. The Culture and Creativity Cluster is aimed at: representing and consolidating the multifaceted reality of regional cultural and creative enterprises;


The SACHE project will develop and deliver integrated local development strategies based on tools and approaches that accelerate creative entrepreneurship within and around cultural heritage. The project will expand and strengthen the role of cultural heritage sites, symbols and values by transforming them into “Smart Accelerators of Creative Heritage


The project aims to propose the cultural improvement as a strong point towards the local development; such development would mainly be directed to the economic upgrading of the affected areas. The project aims at applying on sample areas (maritime landscapes of Torre Santa Sabina, Grado, Resnik/Siculi, Caorle) a methodological


Overall Objective of the Project:  To maintain, explore and promote the material and immaterial heritage of extraordinary historical significance of WW1 as a shared heritage of the programme area within the main brand of the special destination of the Peace Trail between the Alps and the Adriatic. To encourage


The common challenge of the programme area to which the PRIMIS project will contribute is the “Conservation, protection and restoration of cultural and natural heritage”. The overall project objective is to enhance the value of the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage of the linguistic communities in the programme area


CRE:HUB project aims to develop and refine instruments and policies in order to support at regional and European level the creation of new SMEs in the cultural and creative field, one of the most innovative business sector that can effectively increase regional competiveness and job creation capacity in the