The “Balkan route”, as bridge between the East and the West, is still one of the favourite highways for the profitable illegal deals managed by the international organised crime, despite enormous efforts spent by Police Forces and Judiciaries bodies and taking into account the number of good and concrete results achieved in the fight against organised crime. Therefore it is essential to enhance cross-border cooperation, developing a real time exchange of information system, to ensure effective cooperation and coordination between Judiciary and Police authorities.

In that contest - as part of the macro-regional strategy for combating trans-national criminal organisations in the Balkans, promoted and funded by the European Union - the Multibeneficiary EU Project IPA 2013 Western Balkans “Fight against organised crime: International Cooperation in Criminal Justice ”, in cooperation and coordination with Eulex/Kosovo*, planned and held from 25 to 29 April 2016, a study visit for Police Officers from Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo* to a comparable tri-lateral Police Cooperation Centre (Austria, Italy, Slovenia) located in Tarvisio-Thorl Maglern to support the establishment of the upcoming tri-lateral Police Cooperation Centre in Plav (Montenegro) among Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.


On May 5th in Shkoder (Albania) will be held Regional Conference organized  by the representatives of Teuleda and of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, partners of #easeaway  to present to national stakeholders the activities and the results reached so far by the project. Venue: Hotel Colosseo, starting at 10.45.

After the presentation of the project, the speakers will explain the regional importance of Ports and water transport for economical and touristic development making an analysis of the importance of ports in Albanian economy. 


With a responsive opening ceremony started its activities the Business Service Centre in Gorazde, a city located in Podrinje Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Centre, which will be the core of the new Business Improvement Zone of the city, was financed by IPA Programme funds for local development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the coordination of OXFAM Italy and the support of Informest, Podrinje Canton, Gorazde Municipality and Gorazde Chamber of Commerce.

It’s the first concrete achievement of the project. The first step was to renovate an historic building in the city centre that today is converted to a multi-used building for business activities of the area,  encouraging the local economic development.


The EU funded Twinning Project "Further strengthening of capacities of phytosanitary sector in the fields of plant protection products, plant health and seeds and seedlings, including phytosanitary laboratories and phytosanitary inspections”, implemented in Bosnia and Hercegovina by Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Policies in partnership with State Inspectorate for Plant Health and Seed Inspection of Poland, with Informest acting as Mandated Body, has achieved several important results.


Dubrovnik Neretva County, as partner of EA SEA-WAY strategic project, is organizing Regional Conference for Development project in transport and logistics. Event will take place in Dubrovnik, Hotel Kompas- Ulica kardinala Stepinca 1, on 5th of April 2016.


ALPARC, the Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park and Asters organize the workshop "Wildlife and winter sport activities" March 3 and 4 2016. The workshop will take place in the Regional Nature Park Massif des Bauges, in Congress Center "Eau Vive" Lescheraines, France. Winter sport and outdoor activities like ski touring, free riding and snowshoeing have become more widespread – in both, society and space - over the last decade. This trend leads to an increased frequentation of protected areas and their core areas in winter, causing negative impacts on the alpine fauna.


Ancona Port Authority, partner of EA SEA-WAY strategic project, is organizing an Open Day on 26th February at 18.00 at Mercato Ittico del Mandracchio, Ancona.

The open day is a part of the talk around the presentation of “Mappe: Luoghi percorsi progetti nelle Marche”. The event will include three days of special projections and the presentation of “La città perfetta (The perfect city) of Olivo Barbieri”. The partner will present the pilot actions realized thanks to EA SEA-WAY strategic project: the requalification of the yards in front of the cruise terminal and the installation and operation of a wi-fi network to provide free access to internet in the passenger areas and terminals. 


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Il Presidente di Informest Bertossi, la Presidente della Regione FVG Serracchiani e l’Assessore Peroni alla firma della convenzione, Trieste 22 ottobre 2014.

[ Il Presidente di Informest Bertossi, la Presidente della Regione FVG Serracchiani e l’Assessore Peroni alla firma della convenzione,
Trieste 22 ottobre 2014.

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