On the occasion of the General Assembly of Stakeholders, the regional government will present to the territory and to  stakeholders, the process of definition of the Research Strategy and innovation for smart specialization of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The invitation is addressed in particular to companies, associations, districts and science and technology parks as well as a representative of civil society actors and the socio-economic region. All interested can participate sending the registration form to the email address s3fvg@regione.fvg.it by March 24, 2015. Dedicated page: http://www.regione.fvg.it/rafvg/cms/RAFVG/fondi-europei-fvg-internazionale/Strategia-specializzazione-intelligente/articolo.html


Today at 8 p.m at Sala Civica in Farra d’Isonzo experts from Nomisma Energia will explain contents and objectives on Action Plans for Sustainable Energy of Municipalities of Farra d’Isonzo, Capriva del Friuli, San Lorenzo Isontino and Mossa to interested stakeholders. Mr. Gabrielcig, director of the area for protection of Territory and Environment of Gorizia Province will open the meeting, then administrators of involved municipalities. The meeting is part of REMIDA Project Smart Energy Chains and Communities in the Med Area financed by MED Programme which aim is develop new solution for local energy policy.


The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, Agriculture Forestry Institute of Nova Gorica, leader of the project ENJOY TOUR funded under the Program for Cross-Border Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 has organized the art competition "What young people thinks about local products". The aim of the competition is to stimulate the creativity of students as part of the typical products of the cross-border area and encourage them to think about local production and quality food. The objective is to understand how young people see typical agricultural products of the area: wine, fruit and vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants and herbs, cheese and other dairy products, meats, olive oil, bee products, saltwater fish, local dishes ... to enhance, promote and integrate the typical products in the tourist accordance with the spirit promoted by the Project ENJOY TOUR. Deadline for participation in the competition 20 March 2015.


Final event with the presentation of the results of the Project ENJOY TOUR - Enjoy your meal on the transfrontalier roads of taste is held Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 10:00 am at the San Martin Šmartno (Brda). During the morning the Project Partners will intervene on the Following Topics: Restoring the apiary of Idrija , enhancing of beekeeping in the area of Caporetto, fishing tourism in the cross-border area Italy - Slovenia, promotion of the territories and products; presentation of the “Faladur”, place of promotion and sale of local products and the promotion of local products through the activities of Project ENJOY TOUR: http://www.enjoytour.eu/IT/


9th and 10th March project partners of Kepass project will meet in Rovinji principals and tutors of schools that participated to mobility programme. After two months from the conclusion of trimester that hundred students spent abroad, the meeting has the aim to evaluate the project work, discuss educative and logistic aspects of mobility period and to present proposal for a possible prosecution of the project.

15 Istrian students will talk about their experience abroad and will present a video realised by foreign students that studied in the school of Istria Rgion from September till December 2014.


It will be held on 12th March a Workshop on the way to achieve indoor quality for our children with cost effective investition by nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) standard together with the HOME Fair  in Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, followed by a frontrunner visit on school renovation on nZEB standard.

The purpose of the Technical Workshop for Professionals and Architects is to demonstrate state of the art and trends on the field of energy renovation and construction of public buildings (schools) in EU, available technologies, materials, approaches, solutions in wood construction / reconstruction. In addition, also some examples of good practice in will be presented.


On February 24th the kick off meeting of the Twinning "EU FITO BIH"- Further strengthening of capacities of phytosanitary sector in the fields of plant protection products, plant health and seeds and seedlings, including phytosanitary laboratories and phytosanitary inspections, will be held in Sarajevo at UE Delegation premises. Meeting will be opened by UE Delegation in BiH, together with ambassadors from Itlian and Polish Embassies. Then will speak representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Relation BiH, Administration for Plant Health Protection BiH and Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies and State Inspectorate for Plant Protection and Seed Inspection of Poland. Local Twinning advisor will present objectives and expected results of Twinning EU-FITO-BiH while debate will be moderate by Project Leader of beneficiary partner.


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Il Presidente di Informest Bertossi, la Presidente della Regione FVG Serracchiani e l’Assessore Peroni alla firma della convenzione, Trieste 22 ottobre 2014.

[ Il Presidente di Informest Bertossi, la Presidente della Regione FVG Serracchiani e l’Assessore Peroni alla firma della convenzione,
Trieste 22 ottobre 2014.

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