SISMA Subsidy Evaluation Tool Uptake

The project intends to support local public authorities of the Mediterranean area in in the development of deep energy requalification projects for public buildings, optimizing access to innovative financial mechanisms that make these energy projects bankable in the private market.

The “SISMA Set Tool“, an evaluation tool that carries out an energy and economic-financial evaluation of the ECM (Energy Conservation Measures) and that determines the minimum amount of public subsidy, will be optimized and made accessible to the new partners.

The SISMA Set Tool, created in 2018 with the previous “SISMA” project funded by the INTERREG MED Program, is now being transferred to new administrations in the Mediterranean area through specific training activities, with the aim to reach, at the conclusion of the project, the integration of this methodology in the administrative and tendering procedures of the local administrations involved.

Project activities

The project will develop the following activities:

  • the adjustment of the SET package to local context needs especially in relation to the integration of new territories.
  • Transfer of know-how from “giver” to “receiver” partners through dedicated training sessions and tutoring activities to boost the real-life application of the SET methodology.
  • Signature of a specific agreement by the administrations involved for the adoption of the methodology in the planning of future energy requalification interventions.


Expected results

Increase in the number of local administrations in the Mediterranean area that integrate the SET procedure in the tender documentation for the renovation of public buildings, with expected results in terms of optimization of the public resources allocated in the various redevelopments.



Informest provides following services:

  • coordination, monitoring and management of the reporting procedures.
     Cooperation in the drafting of the contributions necessary for participation in project meetings, for the adjustment of the contents of the SET package and for the involvement of local public authorities in the adaptation of the methodology in the new territories;
  • involvement in the analysis of the new territories and support in the drafting and development of project outputs.
  • Contribution to the reporting procedure and to the certification of expenditure.