ChIMERA for Urban Sustainability

ChIMERA PLUS aims at transferring the process and methodology for the growth of regional CCI subsectors of previous Interreg MED project, ChIMERA, promoting the sustainable urban development.  In particular, the process focuses on regional CCI sector analysis, regional working groups involving main stakeholders and frontrunners analysis.

The approach to transfer ChIMERA methodology is based on a mentoring and capacity building process; some of the old ChIMERA partners adapt ChIMERA methodology to new partners, called receiver partners, and to the receivers’ needs, supporting them in implementing ChIMERA process till the development of strategic action plans for their specific contexts. Such actions are developed by local working groups composed by stakeholders, end-users and competent policy making levels of receiver territories: that approach ensures the ownership of the methodology and the adoption of strategic action plans by the receiver competent services.

Finally at the end of transferring process giver partners outline guidelines for policy makers of MED area to support CCI sector and its role in achieving EU green deal objectives and urban sustainability.

Informest monitors and coordinates the project implementation, the results achievement at the transnational level and assures the espenditure certification; Informest capitalizes on ChIMERA’s working method and ensures its transfer to ChIMERA PLUS partners.

Informest also provides methodological support for context analysis and action plans created by the partners; it also supports the definition of guidelines to promote the role of cultural and creative enterprises in sustainable urban development and in achieving the objectives of the European “Green deal”.

Finally, Informest provides support in the organization of the final event.