SECAP is a strategic project for the cross-border area Italy-Slovenia. It was born to jointly address the issue of climate change in place, in order to find unified and shared solutions to mitigate the effects and reduce the vulnerability of the territories. Indeed, the project wants to create a


The project aims to propose the cultural improvement as a strong point towards the local development; such development would mainly be directed to the economic upgrading of the affected areas. The project aims at applying on sample areas (maritime landscapes of Torre Santa Sabina, Grado, Resnik/Siculi, Caorle) a methodological


Overall Objective of the Project:  To maintain, explore and promote the material and immaterial heritage of extraordinary historical significance of WW1 as a shared heritage of the programme area within the main brand of the special destination of the Peace Trail between the Alps and the Adriatic. To encourage


The common challenge of the programme area to which the PRIMIS project will contribute is the “Conservation, protection and restoration of cultural and natural heritage”. The overall project objective is to enhance the value of the linguistic, cultural and natural heritage of the linguistic communities in the programme area

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The overall objective of the project is to support development of Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications (GIs) system in Georgia through creation of effective supporting tools with the provisions of the European Union’s GIs protection system. The purpose of the project is to assist National Intellectual Property Center