On Wednesday 15th of September, the search, protection and enhancement of the wreck of a Roman wreck, known as "Grado 2", was completed. It was one of the three pilot interventions of the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 "UnderwaterMuse" project, led by the Regional Body for Cultural Heritage of Friuli Venezia Giulia - ERPAC FVG, who is supported by Informest for the project’s implementation on both regarding contents and financial aspects.


The fifth and penultimate S3UNICA Exchange of Experience will take place next Wednesday, 21st October from 12.00 to 14.30 and it will host different experts in the fild from Regional agencies and universities. The event will be organized and realized by the project partner "Alba Local Energy Agency” and it will be focused on the support to the local authorities in implementing the low carbon emissions strategies.

Informest supports the lead partner, Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomus Region, and the regional Universities of Udine and Trieste in the management, communication, and dissemination activities.



Guidelines and templates to be used for reporting and project modification of financed projects are available.

We invite beneficiaries to read carefully the guidelines, to use the downloadable materials and to ask the support of HUBs representative for the project implementation.


RESPONSe 10th Technical meeting is currently taking place in Trieste: the Italian and Croatian partners of the Interreg Italy-Croatia project met together and in person after almost two years of on-line relationship. The meeting is preparatory to the final conference, that will be held at the end of November, and to the latest revisions of the documents that are the basis of SECAPs in the six pilot areas.


On September 14th, the Slovenian partners of the DIVA project carried out the "DIVA pitch" event, which had the aim of presenting selected pilot projects that come from the Slovenian area. The event took place in Ljubljana at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Representatives of six pilot projects briefly presented their project ideas, and representatives of Slovenian DIVA HUB presented in more detail the support services they offer. 


On Monday 30 August has been published in the scientific publication Creative Industries Journal of Taylor & Francis, Informa PLC division, the article Establishing ecosystems for disruptive innovation by cross-fertilizing entrepreneurship and the arts. A rather extensive and detailed 30-page research article wrote by Peter Purg and Jernej Cucek Gerbec of University of Nova Gorica and Silvia Cacciatore form IUAV University of Venezia, project partners. The article explores cross-innovation between CCIs and SMEs. To enable such innovation, the DIVA project developed a set of tools and methods, based on an analysis of field-specific stakeholder requirements.


After the Campus Technical Meeting held last 25th June, the first S3UNICA Campus Technical Solution Publication was published on project web page, and it collects two important tools elaborated by the University of Udine and the University of Trieste and the innovative solutions present in the two campuses illustrated during the last meeting.

The whole document is available here.


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