Active projects

EU4FASTWB - EU Support to Strengthen the Fight against Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans

Sector: capacity building, European integration, Home affairs

CAP752 - Capitolo 752 - Contribution to the Centre for Services and documentation for international economic cooperation - Informest for the development of activities in favor of activities in favor of the companies of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia to the purposes of internationalization to the countries of Eastern Europe

Sector: capacity building

Following the Guide Lines provided by the Regional Government of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, INFORMEST is engaged to support the same Region in the following areas: • Support to the organization of institutional missions and informative events and seminars; • Monitoring of the European Commission calls for proposal and regional support during the coherence evaluation of the regional, national, international, and EU level planning, also in the frame of the new 2014-2020 programming; • Information, support, analysis and technical assistance to the Central Directorate of culture, Sport, International and Communitarian Relations for the activities and the projects related to the Regional international relations; • Support to the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia for the implementation of the European Group of Territorial Cooperation – EGTC “Euregio without Borders”; • Monitoring and every kind of "Expo Live" web platform implementation, which include the International Desk activities, and the dissemination to the all centers of the entrepreneurial system of Triveneto, nationally and internationally that deal with the enterprises internationalization.

RecapMCV - Recapitalisation MerlinCV - Innovative Experiences of Cross-border Cultural and Natural Heritage

Sector: tourism, culture

The cross-border project RecapMCV will contribute to the visibility of the cross-border tourism region by valorising, upgrading and promoting the digital products and their impacts, developed in the MerlinCV project, which are based on the valorisation of the untapped potentials of cultural and natural heritage and gastronomy. These will be built upon within the project with an overall strategy for the digitisation of innovative cultural heritage, supporting innovative, integrated, thematic and sustainable tourism products in the Slovenian-Italian cross-border area. It is about the scientifically and professionally supported use of the untapped heritage of castles and villas and the heritage of the Patriarchate of Aquilea for innovative digital products for tourism. In response to the environmental challenges, the project will offer European relevant solutions towards the development of innovative and sustainable thematic tourism; to this end, activities will be organised in the field of dissemination and upgrading of digital products, as well as the involvement and promotion of products to new target groups (vulnerable groups, disabled, creative and cultural industries, social entrepreneurship) and also the training/awareness raising of relevant stakeholders.
The project activities will be designed on the basis of a study or transfer of good practices, in the context of transferring and upgrading practices for the promotion of the project results to the wider public. On this basis, the re-use and promotion of several pilot projects will be developed: individualised itineraries, innovative presentation of cultural and natural heritage, digital products, thematic cycling itineraries and stories in tourism.

PRAGES - Support and strengthening of good practice in the management and disposal of waste in the area of Brčko district in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector: capacity building, environment/energy

The project aims to transfer the knowledge accumulated over several decades in the region to initiate an action for the protection and enhancement of environmental resources in the municipality of Zavidovići and the Brčko District (Bosnia and Herzegovina) through improved management of municipal solid waste.
Following an initial collaboration with political decision-makers, the experience and technical know-how of the regional partner are made available to the Bosnian counterpart through the implementation of technical training sessions and the promotion of the importance of separate waste collection within the local community. This includes the development of a Local Action Plan to encourage and facilitate separate waste collection.

BA 18 IPA AG 03 19 - EU’s support to capacity building and gradual Union acquis alignment in the phytosanitary sector in BiH

Sector: agriculture/fishing, health

The purpose of the project is to modernise and restructure agroindustrial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), including economic empowerment of life in rural areas. In particular, the project is aimed to advance the level of policies implemented and of the Union acquis aligned legislation that could support the improvement of the overall sector level in healthy and protected plants and quality seeds.

Activities implemented will be addressed to the

  • alignment of the Plant Health Regime, Seeds and Planting material legislative frameworks and primary legislation in the area of plant breeeders’ rights put in place
  • Plant Protection Products legislation aligned with EU standards, with administrative and operational capacities in the area of Plant Protection Product (PPP) strengthened via interactive modes of practice, knowledge transfer and skills improvements.
  • enhancement of capacities of control bodies for introduction and implementation of certification schemes in area of seed and propagation material
  • strengthening of the administrative and operational capacities in area of Plant Breeders' Rights via knowledge base transfer and skills improvements

EURADRIA 2022 2023 - EURADRIA 2022 2023

Sector: HR and training development, regional socio-economic development, youth policies

The EURADRIA project aims to support the activities of the EURES desks in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia. In particular, through the project through the development of the one-stop shop portal both at a virtual level (dedicated portal) and at a physical level with the establishment of new info points and the strengthening of a permanent observatory on cross-border work.
The project also aims to provide tools for solving all problems, all "obstacles" to cross-border work, including an action on the prevention of undeclared work as well as implementing the categories of jobs concerned.
Thanks to EURADRIA, the partners will create new jobs and sign new cross-border labour contracts.
The project envisages the creation of an institutional event format at European level dealing with cross-border work issues at EU level.

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Informest 2020 - al servizio del territorio

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