In the framework of the project "TAMSALL – Towards A new Multilevel Shared Approach for Libya Local Governance", aimed to contribute to the development of qualitative local public services in Libya and funded by the European Commission, the Lead Partner of the project "ART-ER S. cons. p.a." opened a public selection thorugh comparative procedure, for two experts: a highly experienced professional for the coordination of Components 1 and 2 of the project and a Lybya-based senior advisor on local development and institutional building.

More information are available here: coordination of components 1 and 2 and senior advisor on local development.

Deadline for application: Tuesday, 22nd June, h. 13.

TAMSALL overall objective is to strengthen the institutional and administrative capacity of Libyan National and Local Public Institutions, to foster the public administration efficiency and competencies in planning and implementing public administrative functions according to a multilevel governance process. This implies the reinforcement of MoLG and Presidency Council capacity in the coordination, consultation and planning/programming and of Local Administrations capacities in programming, planning and implementing, in order to represent and address local development needs to central level, in a proper and effective way.

In TAMSALL project Informest participates at the Coordination of Scientific Steering Committee and it takes part in the internal evaluation of the quality of the produced deliverables and outputs. Moreover, Informest will focused on the coordination and implementation of the lessons learned thanks to Nicosia Initiative and modelling of implemented projects and programmes. Furthermore, Informest will manage the traineeship visits on MLG approach for service delivery in EU or MENA regions, it will follow the capacity building actions on MLG approach for service delivery in Libyan municipalities, for the environmental, youth and communication supporting services (pilot actions).

Finally, Informest will develop a territorial development strategic plan, in ordet to enforce the creation of a new EGTC.

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