Coastal erosion, flooding and sea level rise are the greatest climatic dangers to which Lignano Sabbiadoro area is subjected in an increasingly serious and increasingly frequent way. What measures should be taken to make the coastal area more resilient to the effects of the climate change? Informest and the Regional Energy Agency (APE FVG), RESPONSe regional partners, met today in an online meeting the representatives of local associations and regional agencies and Research Institutes: the Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection (ARPA FVG), the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), the Association Legambiente FVG, the Cultural Association Trezza Project, the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro, the local Civil Protection and the representatives of the most important state owned concessionaries in the city.  

The participants, who every day face the climate change problems in land management and protection activities, contributed to refine a series of indicators proposed by APE FVG. These indicators, together with the analysis of meteorological and oceanographic data carried out by the RESPONSe Croatian partners will be used to draw up the Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for Lignano pilot area, an integral part of Lignano SECAP, one of the main project output.

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