The main goal of DIVA strategic project, financed by the cross-border cooperation Programme VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-20, is to improve and promote methodologies that can ease and encourage collaborations between SMEs and cultural and creative industries (CCIs).

RANKING LIST 20/07/2021


6th May update! Annex 10a can be filled instead of Annex 10.

FAQs DIVA PROJECT - Call for proposals for the selection of pilot actions v1.5_14_May_2021

Questions and requests of clarifications to be inserted in the FAQs must be sent by 7th May 2021

Attention! Annex update 10. Financial capacity sheet NEW_28_04_2021


AIM OF THE CALL: promoting the cross fertilization between CCIs and traditional SMEs leading to the realization of new products and servicesthrough pilot projects.

PROJECT PROPOSALS shall focus on innovative and original products, processes, services, tools, developed in the framework of a collaboration between one traditional SME (applicant)and one CCI (implementing partner). Proposals must be able to offer perspectives of sustainability over time.


Applicant: micro, small or medium-sized enterprise (MSME) established by at least 2 fiscal year complying all the criteria all the call.

Implementing partner: Creative Cultural Industries (CCI) having all the specific licenses, authorizations and qualifications to carry out the activities they propose to fulfil. CCI can be private or public economic operators complying all the mandatory requirements set out in the call.

Applicants and Implementing Partners must have at least one legal registered office or operational headquarter located in

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
  • Province of Venezia
  • Province of Belluno
  • Province of Treviso
  • Primorsko-notranjska
  • Osrednjeslovenska
  • Gorenjska
  • Obalno-kraška
  • Goriška

FINANCIAL ALLOCATION: Euro 900.000,00. The maximum financing Euro 45.000,00 for each selected project proposal and covers 100% of the project’s eligible costs.

The public financial support of the present Call is a state aid under the de minimis rule.

DEADLINE: The applications shall be submitted in English language and applicant language (Italian or Slovenian) by 30th of May 2021 at 12.00 PM

HOW TO APPLY The documents must be uploaded on the platform AFM at the following link



  1. Application form and budget
  2. Declaration of the applicant – Annex 2a for Italian SMEs; Annex 2b for Slovenian SMEs
  3. Declaration of the implementing partner – Annex 3a for Italian CCI; Annex 3b for Slovenian CCI
  4. Agreement between applicant and implementing partner
  5. List of activities ATECO Code for Italian CCIs
  6. List of activities NACE Codes for Slovenian CCIs
  7. Selection criteria
  8. Description of DIVA project and WP3 methodology
  9. AFM guide
  10. Financial capacity sheet
  11. Programme Manual on the eligibility of expenditure (in Italian and in Slovenian)
  12. Programme Visual Identity Style Guide and its annexes I and II
  13. Template of letters of support

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