A conference to analyse climate change in Friuli Venezia Giulia territories.

Climate change and innovative policies and strategies from municipalities: these are main topics for RESPONSe mid-term conference planned for Wednesday 21st October.

Partners will present analysis of meteorological and oceanographic data collected during these last 21 months of research in Adriatic regions’ pilot areas: data are useful both to better understand historical evolution of climate change and to have ideas on how it will change in the future.

During the event, four workshops will be realized:

  • adapting to climate change: addressing vulnerabilities in the Adriatic region
  • How to engage our communities in future climate adaptation?
  • Extreme weather alert systems as a support to local public authorities
  • How to fund and secure support for the climate change adaptation activities?

The event is primarily addressed to citizens and public authorities of Adriatic coastal areas (both Italian and Croatian), but also for all other public interested in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

Fundend by Programme Italy-Croatia, RESPONSe project aims to support local policy makers in order to promote smart governance of the risks arising from climate change.

6 pilot cities along the Adriatic have been identified, divided between North, Centre and South.

For Adriatic North Area, Lignano Sabbiadoro has been chosen as Italian pilot town.

Now the project has available a detailed analysis of climate changes in the pilot cities and it is involving policy makers and local stakeholders in the identification of possible mitigation and adaption response actions. The goal is the establishment of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), a document drawn up at municipal/local level to define possible concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Registration to the event are here available

Interpreting service will be guaranteed from and to Italian, English and Croatian.


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