Last 20th September, the RecapMCV project partners met for the Kick-off meeting at the Humanities Centre of the Science Research Centre Koper. RecapMCV is co-financed by the Interreg Italy Slovenia 2021-2027 programme and it is the Recapitalisation project of MerlinCV- Innovative experiences of cross-border cultural and natural heritage.

The project partners, namely the Science and research centre Koper (the lead partner), the Municipality of Tolmin, Venetian Cluster srl and INFORMEST, will specifically enhance and promote the main digital products and their effects developed in the MerlinCV strategic project. 

The cross-border project RecapMCV will contribute to the visibility of the cross-border tourist region by enhancing, updating and promoting the digital products and their impacts, developed in the MerlinCV project, which are based on the exploitation of the unexpressed potentials of cultural and natural heritage and gastronomy. Special attention will be paid to multisensory forms of presenting the heritage of castles in the cross-border area. 

The RecapMCV project started on 1 July 2023. It will last 24 months. 

The actions envisaged by the RecapMCV capitalisation project will aim at 

  • digitising innovative cultural heritage, supporting innovative, integrated, thematic and sustainable tourism products in the Italian-Slovenian cross-border area; 

  • scientifically and professionally supported utilisation of the unused heritage of castles and villas and the heritage of the Patriarchate of Aquileia for innovative digital tourism products; 

  • to offer relevant solutions at European level for the development of innovative and sustainable thematic tourism; to this end, activities will be organised in the field of dissemination and updating of digital products, as well as the involvement and promotion of products among new target groups (vulnerable groups, disabled people, creative and cultural industries, social entrepreneurship) and also training/awareness-raising of stakeholders; 

  • promote the study or transfer of good practices, in the context of the transfer and updating of practices for the promotion of project results to the general public.
    thisbasis, the re-use and promotion of various pilot projects will be developed: individualiseditineraries, innovative presentation of cultural and naturalheritage, digital products, thematiccycleroutes and stories in tourism.

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