Phytotwinning MK IPA 2019 project partners are committed to a study-visit in Greece with experts in the field and government officials from North Macedonia. This important study visit aims to leprovide officials with a unique opportunity to learn in detail about the procedures used by Greece in the phytosanitary sector.

During the study visit, participants will have the opportunity to deepen the operational practices and implementation of procedures and official controls conducted in EU Member States.

Boris Dijust, President of Informest, was also present during the opening day of last 26th June. He greeted the delegation from North Macedonia, underlining the importance of this cooperation project between Italy, Greece and North Macedonia and also presented Informest to Mr.Rexhail Ismaili, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to protection of human, animal and plant health, and the environment, as well as to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of domestic production of plants and plant products, which have been regulated by the phytosanitary part of Chapter 12 of the European Union acquis. In the phytosanitary sectors, the North Macedonia needs to align the system in the legal areas of plant health, plant Protection Products, quality of seeds and propagating material, plant variety rights and genetically modified organisms (release into the environment and GMO Food/feed). Except for the GMOs, the project will support the process of approximation of legislation in North Macedonia to the European Union acquis in above mentioned areas, as well as and its implementation.

Boris Dijust, President of Informest, and Rexhail Ismaili, State Secretary


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