The III Steering Committee meeting of SISMA project (co-financed by Interreg MED Programme) was held over the last couple of days in Cadarache (France). The project, which aims to develop innovative financing schemes leading to the energy retrofitting of public buildings in the Mediterranean area, comprises nine European partners representing Greece, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, France and Spain. During the two-day meeting, partners have performed an analysis of best practices of existing financing schemes already in place in participating countries.

Partners have also identified the key information they need to collect from local stakeholders for the development of the joint innovative financing model tackling Mediterranean area challenges. The results of the consultations with local stakeholders will be presented and validated during the next Steering Committee meeting, to be held in Valencia (Spain) in December. The development of SISMA innovative financial model is the cornerstone of the project and will allow for the next stage of project activities. In 2018, the model will be transferred to local public authorities as well as to private stakeholders in each participating country. Ad hoc measures will be adopted to ensure the effective uptake of the model by the target audiences.

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