Community building event for the INTERREG MED Program selected Modular and Horizontal Projects, “WE are MED. Going beyond thematic communities” will take place in Alicante-Spain,  on the 17th of May 2017.

The key point of the event is to emphasise the inherent knowledge of the 8 thematic communities of the projects approved after the 1st call for projects in 2016, in order for them to acquire a greater degree of self-awareness and certainty on methodologies and aims by sharing practices between each other.

The event also aims at preparing the capitalisation process that will be highlighted later in the mid-term transnational event. This is reached through mutual learning among the thematic communities of projects and by extracting and harvesting common ideas, tools and methods which will improve the results of the Programme.

This fruitful interaction will lead the Programme to an improved transfer of results and consolidate the capitalisation process, thus reinforcing the outreach and the impact of the Programme in its territories.

During the event  the following activities will be carried out to stimulate interaction and brainstorming:

  • Team building activity;
  • Presentation of each thematic community;
  • World café cross-cutting discussion.

Moreover, each Lead Partner of a modular project will have to sign a memorandum of understanding, together with their horizontal project and the Joint Secretariat.

INFORMEST will participate in the event as the Lead Partner of SISMA project  and as a supporting agency of Friuli  Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region – Lead Partner of  Chimera project, as well as the Communication Manager of Maestrale project.

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