At the end of November, in Seville, took place the kick-off conference of the project MAESTRALE, one of the 12 projects approved under Axis 1 of the Interreg Mediterranean Programme, the one dedicated to sustainable innovation. The project aims, firstly, to make the point about the state in the production of "blue energy" in the Mediterranean (including the existing legislation in different countries), and then, once identified the technical and economically most promising solutions, to set up an international network of local promotion and development laboratories able to disseminate the knowledge gained on the ground.

INFORMEST is partner of the project, led by the University of Siena, with the participation of ten public institutions from eight European countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus). The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia is an observer partner, because the issues addressed by the project are particularly significant also in the regional strategic framework for the "smart growth".

For blue energy we mean any form of energy generated using the water of the oceans: waves, tides, differences in temperature and salinity, etc. The Maestrale project also intends to capitalize on the results of several projects funded by the European Union and now concluded, preparing a unified catalog of best practices at European level, a real geo-database including the analysis of the development potential of all the regions involved .

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