More than 80 people, mostly university students from the local School of Architecture of Antwerp, visited on Thursday, October 13, a Topsportschool and two primary schools renovated with the "Renew School" method. Participants attended also the technical workshop organized by the Belgian partners of Renew School project.

Located in an abandoned military fortress, that has been covered with greenery with the time, Wilrijk Topsportschool is characterized by a massive concrete base, which recalls the military aspect of the buildings surroundings, in contrast with the top floor made of glass.

Inside, at the ground floor there are several spaces where young athletes can get prepared, while the upper floor is dedicated to the classrooms, in a constant interconnection between sport and education.

The renovations of the two primary schools are also very interesting. In the Kalmthout school the facade has been renovated using modular panels of oak, certified PassiveHause. An other primary school in Berendrecht presents the automatic opening of the windows at night that guarantees ventilation and air exchange.

The visit was organized in the framework of the #RenewSchool project, whose main objective is the promotion of innovative technologies related to the use of modular elements in wood for restructuring the #schoolbuildings. The project is funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme #IEE and it has Informest among the partners.

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