Informest takes part as partner to the Project CAPTAIN (Capitalization of Transport models in Adriatic Ionian Network for supporting EUSAIR development), co-financed by CBC Adriatic IPA 2007-2013 Programme, having as Lead Partner the Central Directorate for infrastructure and territory of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, involving partners from all the eligible countries of the area. The Project, with a budget of €734.000 and a duration of 7 months (it has to be completed by the end of November), intends to answer to the common need to improve accessibility and mobility across Adriatic-Ionian basin and its hinterland, through the development of sustainable, safe, cross-border, integrated transport services and the improvement of infrastructures through the capitalisation of the results achieved in EA SEA-WAY, Adrimob and AdriaticMoS IPA projects.

More specifically, the CAPTAIN objective is to promote the analysis and the realisation of feasibility studies for the implementation of actions of EUSAIR Pillar 2(Connecting the Region), creating synergies among the projects’ partners to strengthen capacities and transfer best practices, and implementative transport models by increasing the impact of the results achieved by the three projects on regional and national policies in Adriatic-Ionian area, in order to favor a synergic and coordinated solution of interventions to overcome existing bottlenecks and missing links for both passenger and freight transport in the area.

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